The best legacy for our loved ones

I don’t know how long I will be with my loved ones, but I want to put all the moments they give me in a trunk.

I want to fill that trunk with my best advice, the most intimate secrets, the experiences that we have lived and those that I would have liked to continue living,  life recommendations that the experiences of the road already traveled provide, the messages of support, and future congratulations. 

The best legacy para nuestros seres queridos

No sé el tiempo que se me permitirá estar con mis seres queridos, pero todos los momentos que me concedan los quiero meter en un baúl.

Quiero llenar ese baúl con mis mejores consejos, los secretos más íntimos, las experiencias que hemos vivido y las que me hubiese gustado seguir viviendo, las recomendaciones de vida que proporcionan las experiencias del camino ya transitado, los mensajes de apoyo, y las felicitaciones futuras.

Memories of a lifetime and future generations

Life is truly short, and it passes very quickly. We only realise just has fast when we lose someone close to us or when there is a new addition to the family, or when health doesn’t treat us well. This is when we get the desire to keep memories of our parents and leave a legacy to our children.

A 360º legacy

We take a multitude of photos, videos and audios of our loved ones that we store without any order, structure or classification and that we never see again. We keep in images, memories and experiences of our children’s childhood, of the happiest moments we spend with family, but these memories are locked in a hard drive or in a cloud repository and there they are forgotten. With “MY LEGACY BUILDER” we quickly and easily generate a trunk of all the memories of a life, with stories, ideas, advice, secrets, thoughts, experiences and recommendations.

My legacy builder tool

The most imaginative and creative person will save the memories chronologically in “MY DIARY LEGACY” but if we need a guide to help us in this task, we will use the most powerful tool on the web. The “LEGACY BUILDER TOOL” offers us the appropriate questions to obtain the answers with which to go through the memories of a life.

Open when you need me most

OPEN WHEN…” is the perfect place to store our most intimate messages of support and advice. Our loved ones will open the messages when: they feel sick, something scares them, they need a push for a difficult decision, or they just look for a hug of understanding, or a moment of sadness overcomes them.

Today is the day

TODAY IS THE DAY” is the legacy of the TIME CAPSULE. We schedule the posts to be opened by our loved ones on a special future occasion, such as their 18th anniversary, the end of the year, their graduation, their wedding day, or the birth of their first child. It is the most intense way in which My Legacy Builder will allow me to be present when I am no longer there.

Family and Friends

The memories kept in our trunk will come alive again when the closest family and friends give us the gift of participating with their COMMENTS to contribute their most intimate vision of each memory. It is the family social network. It is the meeting point where we can all remember together the celebrations and moments shared by our closest family and friends.

My Private Box

My Legacy Builder gives us the option to configure “MY PRIVATE BOX“. It is here where we can save our DIGITAL LEGACY (used applications, their users and passwords, and indicate what to do with each of them) and FINANCIAL (investments, deeds, insurance, and direct debits), and even indicate our latest wishes. All My Private Box information will be kept completely closed and encrypted and will only be opened at the indicated time and by the person with the appropriate rights.

Super HD School Tasks

Caring for the environment is a goal of My Legacy Builder and fighting against climate change is everyone’s battle. The “SUPER HD SCHOOL TASKS” utility saves and organizes all your children´s school’s drawings and crafts at maximum definition to enjoy those memories in the future with the highest possible digital quality, avoiding unnecessary printing and saving space at home.

My Legacy Builder is born out of personal need. More than 20 years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune and incurable disease. They say that we are the experiences we live. That is why, so in my case I can assure you that this type of disease shapes your character and deeply marks the way you see life. I suppose this is the reason why I became aware from a very young age that we are only passing through here; and that after the birth of my daughter, I want to leave a legacy to my loved ones with the memories of a lifetime and continue to be connected with them even when I am no longer here.”

I Want to be always present even when I am no longer here.

This is my legacy. Build yours.


We continue to develop the functionalities of My Legacy Builder. We want to open this big trunk in the second half of 2021. Any suggestion is welcome. Contact us from the contact form or using the following email addresses. 

Los recuerdos de toda una vida y de las generaciones futuras

La vida es verdaderamente corta y pasa muy rápido. Solo nos damos cuenta de su velocidad con la pérdida o la llegada de un ser querido, o si la salud ha decidido no tratarnos demasiado bien. Es entonces cuando aparece el deseo de mantener el recuerdo de nuestros padres y de dejar un legado a nuestros hijos.